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Saltwater Recovery & Drilling Fluid Disposal

Frontier Oilfield Services is a Dallas, Texas-based company specializing primarily in saltwater recovery and drilling fluid disposal. Our current saltwater trucking and disposal services are delivered to oil and gas drillers and producers in the Haynesville in East Texas and the Barnett shale in North Central Texas, which are among the largest gas shale plays in the USA.  Frontier Oilfield Services formed in early 2010 to pursue a growth strategy in the oilfield services space, in part because oilfield services are not as price sensitive as the commodity side of the oil/gas business, and such services are essential to the E&P sector.  The initial focus on water disposal was selected because that business enjoys a strong barrier to entry in the form of ownership of the limited supply of disposal wells and recurring revenue.

With the acquisition of our first captive saltwater disposal company (Trinity Disposal and Trucking) in 2010, our operations began with seven permitted disposal wells in Harrison and Panola Counties (located in Texas along the Louisiana state line). In July 2011, we acquired an eighth disposal well, which expanded our capacity in our primary area of operations.

With growing operations centered in East Texas’ Haynesville Shale and North Central Texas’ Barnett Shale, we are well positioned to meet the needs of Operators who are aggressively developing the most active shale basins in the United States today.

Our East Texas operations company, Trinity Disposal and Trucking and our North Central Texas operations company, Coffman Tank Trucks, already boast an impressive roster of clients, including Devon Energy, GMX Resources, Wagner & Brown, Ltd., Matador Oil, NFR Energy, Vernon Faulkner, and XTO Energy.

Did you know…

One of the most cost effective ways to increase production on a depleted well is to re-frac, which starts the entire production cycle over again…thus requiring additional water disposal.